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UP College of Law Alumnus knocks out Robles: “Common sense please!”

UP College of Law Alumnus Dizon knocks Robles: “Common sense please!”
UP College of Law Alumnus Peter Dizon slams the notorious government critic and writer Raissa Robles as she bashed Honeylet Avanceña, the longtime partner of President Rodrigo Duterte, as she received the services of the well-dressed security personnel.

Dizon’s response, he cited “Is the common law wife of President Duterte entitled to have bodyguards? Of course. Definitely. In fact, even if she had no right, I would want her to have them.”

He reiterated that under the Family Code (and even under the old Civil Code), common law spouses are recognized to have certain rights for as long as there is no legal impediment for marriage between them and in PDU30’s situation there are no restrictions as such. 

Dizon stressed that Ms. Avanceña is not just a partner but a common law wife.

Dizon also said that it is common sense to provide a security detail for Avanceña since she was the closest person in PDU30’s heart. He cited that if something terrible happens to the lady, this country might end up in chaos. Like a normal man, Duterte has his own frailties Dizon said. 

He also stated, “Most countries recognize the need to protect the family of its leaders to ensure that they will not be used against said leaders and his or her constituents. We are one of those countries. And it is more important for us especially because Filipinos have strong family ties.”

He wondered why does Robles have to bring up the issue of Kris Aquino who hitched the Presidential chopper against Avanceña’s availing the protection of security personnel. He hinted that there is a legal side regarding this issue.

In the Presidential Security Group website, the mission of the group is “To protect the President of the Republic of the Philippines and his / her immediate family, visiting Heads of State / Government and other dignitaries as the President may direct.”

“I think that the security issue is common sense,” he concluded.

Source/s: PM Dizon, PSG