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The tactic of Alejano and Trillanes now clearer, says UST Alumnus

It seems like Magdalo Party List Representative Gary Alejano’s critics are increasing in number as he considers to uplift his charges against President Duterte in the International Criminal Court.

Mark Lopez, a UST alumnus posted in his Facebook account, enumerated his observations on Alejano’s failed attempt to impeach the president.

In Lopez’s analysis, the camp of Alejano purposely made the complaint to be dismissed. He stated that there is nothing idiotic about Alejano’s complaint.

He said that Trillanes and his allies made a way for the complaint to be laughable and poor to be dismissed, to the extent that they filed it on the last day of the Regular Session to let that propaganda to ‘simmer’ while they continue to sensationalize the extra judicial killings thru their cohorts in media not only in the local but also in international setting.

Lopez even stated that Alejano really was confident in responding ‘brutal’ questions that they seemed to know how the deliberation will go.

In his opinion, Lopez expressed that they (Alejano and Co.) was just playing the Congress. They even beseeched the House Committee of Justice headed by Rep. Fariñas to throw the right questions (onto Alejano). Later the Congress ‘empathetically’ threw out the complaint.

Lopez strongly believes that they made the complaint to fail, ab initio.

Lopez said that they (Alejano and co.) needed the complaint to be dismissed so that they can now claim that the ‘institutions have failed us’ and they have no other ‘recourse’ nor they will never attain justice in here (Philippines). Lopez believes that those phrases will be their (Alejano and co.)  alas to ICC so that the aforementioned High Court will exercise legal actions regarding the claims against humanity complaint threw to the President Duterte.

However, Lopez is optimistic that the case against the President will take years before it will proceed.

Regardless of the result, Lopez saw that the President will be ‘demonized’ internationally and they are indoctrinating the neutral citizens to be part of their cause. Alejano and Co. intends to make the president looked like a ‘mass murderer’ and worse, they have pictured the country as a failed state and be like a lawless state, as if the democracy is dead in this country, according to Lopez.

Lopez was certain that making the President be the ‘bad guy' is their new strategy to breakdown the overwhelming support to the President.

Lopez compared these detractors of the president like ‘vultures’, who preyed the president’s reputation for their one big agenda-‘POWER GRAB’, as Lopez describes it.

Source: Mark Lopez