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Leni South Africa visit blasted by Netizens

Leni South Africa visit blasted by Netizens
Vice President Leni Robredo recently visited Cape Town to speak about women in leadership hosted by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

Freedom Foundation Africa reported this in their Facebook page last Tuesday and it the post gathered attacks from netizens  who shared their thoughts in the comments section.

In the comments, netizens bashed Robredo.

Ben Tio Rec, warned the group that Robredo is maligning the government of the Philippines.

"I am a Filipino. I am pro democracy! But, people of Africa, be careful of that lady our VP here in the Philippines for she malign our government she is not in accordance with the administration where she reported fake statistics of the current situation our police situation here," he said.

One other netizen, Shalanie Gonzales called Robredo the "worst Vice President" the country ever had, saying that the majority despise her.

"Freedom Foundation Africa, IF she is talking about supposed "killings" and "human rights violation" in the Philippines, please know that you are being fed LIES! the Filipino people is about fed up with this Leni Robredo and she will soon be facing an IMPEACHMENT because she is just eager to put down our ELECTED PRESIDENT Duterte for her and her political party's vested interest," Mary Michelle said.

Other netizens claimed that Robredo does not deserve to represent the country.

Robredo was accused of once again "maligning" President Rodrigo Duterte in yet another country.

This accusation came after Robredo released a video to the United Nations which reported thousands of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines and implying that this ws caused by Duterte's drug war.

Rouge Gelo Cruz in a comment asked Robredo to never come back as the Filipinos do not need her.

"Please keep her in SA. She's good for nothing, a traitor to her own country. And keep the rest of the clowns she brought with her. They are the disease that plagued the Philippines!," another netizen, Gray Hernandez said.

Check out comments of netizens below:

SOURCE: Freedom Foundation Africa