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'Robredo politically dead, LP can't deal with her demise'

'Robredo politically dead, LP can't deal with her demise'
Columnist and former politician Rigoberto Tiglao in his column for the Manila Times on Wednesday, said that Vice President Leni Robredo is politically dead and that the Liberal Party can't deal with her demise.

Tiglao who has previously written against Robredo claimed that the "Yellow Cult" who still believes that Robredo is its hope for recapturing political power, should face the truth that the VP is undeniably politically dead.

He said one proof of this is the "Palit Bise" rally held on Sunday, which was the first rally formed to oust a Vice president, who he said wqs just supposed to be an idle spare tire.

Tiglao called the event unprecedented and historic.

He said that the rally was disappointingly unreported in the mainstream media and featured only in Manila Times as a front page news.

Tiglao said that the rally was arranged through social media, a tool that spreads news oligarchic media companies fail to report.

He said that what triggered the rally was a Vice President who goes against a popular President and to add things up, the VP was accused of cheating in the last elections.

Robredo also sent a video to the United Nations, one that Tiglao called full of lies and falsehoods.

He said ahe painted the country as a land ruled by killers where corpses litter the streets.

He said this fault by Robredo is "irreparable" as she holds no position to be often seen pr heard in news as the President previously fired her from her cabinet position.

Tiglao said that if only Robredo made use of her chairmanship to the Housing and Urban Develoment Coordinating Council, her chances of winning the hearts of Filipinos would have been greater.

He said the only way Robredo could attain power is if she was jailed, but he said that is most unlikely to happen.

The column also highlighted the power of social media which made the ralky possible and was able to report what happened and this made newspapers' reach is now on their viewership in their online extensions.

"With the outrage against her, if Duterte for some reason has to vacate his post before 2022, I'm afraid Robredo's assumption to power would probably be blocked by some form of uprising," he said.

He said through social media, Robredo has been cut up with a hundred thousand blades.

SOURCE: Manila Times