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“Is He Stupid or Paid?”, pagbatikos ng dating DSWD Asec sa TV Host na si Ari Melber

Ari Melber, host of the US TV Show, The Beat, photo from philnews.xyz
Ibinahagi ng dating Secretary ng Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) na si Dra. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy ang isang explosive expose tungkol sa controversial na TV host na si Ari Melber, host ng US TV Show na The Beat.

Tinanong ni Dra. Badoy ang kanyang mga tagasunod sa social media kung ang MSNBC TV Host Ari Melber ay bobo o binabayaran. Ang TV host ay gumawa ng mga headline pagkatapos ng kanyang kontrobersiyal na ulat tungkol sa papel ng Facebook sa Pilipinas at kung paano ang social media nakisabwatan sa Facebook para patahimikin ang oposisyon.

Ang veteran na doktora ay nagpahayag sa kanyang pinakahuling pag-expose na humihiling sa kredibilidad ni Ari Melber at ang mga dahilan kung bakit sa palagay niya siya ay isang eksperto sa politika ng Pilipinas, at nagpahayag ng mga kasinungalingan tungkol sa Pilipinas at sa lider nito, si Pres. Rody Duterte.

Si Melber kasama ang CEO ng Rappler na si Maria Ressa ay nagpakalat ng maling impormasyon tungkol sa posibleng koneksyon sa pagitan ng Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) at ng administrasyong Duterte.

Narito ang kumpletong pag-expose ni Dra. Lorraine Badoy:

For my friends on free data.

"Ari Melber: Stupid or Paid?"

Caught that interesting piece by a guy I had no idea existed until I watched him last night—Ari Melber, host of a US show, The Beat. And now all I can think about is how interesting this guy is.

Who is Ari Melber and why does he think he’s such an expert on Philippine politics and, specifically how and why Rodrigo Duterte won in the last Philippine elections? I watched him as I said and his whole piece was riddled with holes that, by any responsible journalist’s/tv station’s standards, would not have withstood 2 seconds of the most objective scrutiny.

And yet there he was, looking straight into the camera and into our eyes mouthing outright lies---talking about us!-- as if they were gospel truth.

He takes Mark Zuckerberg to task for allowing Facebook to be “ground zero for this Putin/Duterte playbook long before Zuckerberg was playing naive about Fake News after November, and repeating their mantra, ‘they’re just neutral.’ In fact, there was a whole scandal in THAT country, the Philippines, over fake news and bots and the election which was — wait for it — held in may 2016, long before ours.”

THAT country daw sabi ng Onaks. You mean, MY beloved country that you know nothing of, right Mr. Melber? When were you last here, you walang modong onaks? Have you even ever gone to MY country?

I’ve seen this all my life and yet it never fails to leave me breathless—the galling arrogance of these Americans who talk down on us and think they know, far better than we do, our own reality.

What is the Putin/Duterte playbook? I have no idea what the Putin playbook is but I have some idea what the Duterte playbook is.

Basically, “be the outlier to traditional politics that the Filipinos have grown bone-tired of and will have none of. Be the refreshing alternative. The sincere alternative. Be the different one. Have the track record of solid performance. Have the real heart to serve your country. Be unlike the shits that came before you who were corrupt, monumentally incompetent, indifferent to the plight of the common Tao. You have all that, you won’t need money to win this election. In fact, you will win this by a landslide and on the wings of the Filipino people.”

And that is exactly what happened.

I didn’t hear about an Ari Melber the whole time all these happened. Did you? I had never heard of him until last night--a talking head looking you arrogantly straight in the eye and mouthing outright lies and inaccuracies about your beloved country –like they were facts.

I will not say a word about Donald Trump, their President, in public—because, although I have strong opinons about him, I am not American and I would not deign to talk abt this President like I know the score.

Most specially not in the presence of Americans who voted him into office. I will always defer to an American when it comes to the American president and their politics. This, to me, is just plain decency.

And when you’re American talking about Filipinos, you might want to go easy on your arrogance because the American track record for arrogance and interference in our country is unparalleled. I would tread lightly if I were Ari Melber.

The funny thing is, Ari Melber talks about fake news and how it’s been used on Facebook to wrest power and yet fails to see the thick irony to it all:

How he is the fake news purveyor with his little piece being spread on Facebook. And I think the bottom line to this curious piece Ari stitched up is the rearranging of power so a duly-elected President of the Republic of the Philippines gets booted out of office.

At 1:38 Melber says, “Duterte has actually been busted for pushing his own fake news and all fake accounts on Facebook during their election.”

Really? When and where did this happen? Our President was busted for pushing his own fake news and all fake accounts on FB during our election?

This might be so—this busting of our President. But who ‘busted’ him? The oligarch-owned paper he was going to shut down for non-payment of taxes for forever? Western journalists in they payroll of Loida Nicolas Lewis? Or journalists on the payroll of drug lords who were losing billions and would love nothing more than to have Duterte out of the picture?

Context is everything, Ari. Did you not know this?

“All fake accounts”? Does Ari Melber not know about the tsunami of yellow-financed fake accounts? He’s not heard of this and how so much more systematic and widespread it was? Is this why he hasn’t looked us in the eye and spoken about it like he knows –the very same way he looks us in the eye steadily and tells us—TELLS US, who live here—what our own reality is?

It would be disingenuous of me to pretend fake accounts don’t come from the Duterte camp. I have met some of these trolls—all real people by the way. (And I have yet to meet a PAID pro-Duterte troll.)

But it would be just as disingenuous of Ari Melber –and whoever it is that wants to hijack this story –and pretend the enemies of Rodrigo Duterte don’t have fake accounts. I am betting my 2 precious runner’s legs that when it comes to fake accounts, the anti-Duterte camp has 100 for every one of a pro-Duterte.

Ari Melber didn’t do a most simple and cursory research. And there is no mention of this FACT so Ari is peddling this lie: that all fake accounts come from just the pro-Duterte camp.

And I am curious. Why?

As for fake news against the Duterte Administration, Western media has no equal.

It far outranks, far outspreads, far outruns the spread of outright and outrageous lies against a President who, in all reality, is highly beloved and supported by the people who matter—the Filipino people—80% approval and trust rating 17 months into office.


It has portrayed him as a blood-thirsty butcher, a ruthless dictator. And on what grounds? Some numbers they pull out of thin air.

Ask them where they get their numbers, and they dismiss it like it’s the most ridiculous question they have ever heard. That’s their brand of journalism. Cheap, tawdry, irresponsible. Clearly, they are part of the problem.

Ari Melber says that before the elections, FB gave tips to the Duterte camp and briefed us and then,

“In fact after getting those tips, his allies went into overdrive pushing fake news and fake accounts along with his other wired campaigns.”

Ari Melber sounds like my 5 year old neighbor on pretend phone call with a make-believe friend.

Where did Ari Melber get his ‘fact’? We went on overdrive pushing fake news and fake accounts along with wired campaigns? Where did he get this?

If Mr. Melber has any shame at all left in him, he should come out now with whatever facts he may have in his possession to give credence to his preposterous claims. He is a journalist, isn’t he?

So tell us, Ari, on what do you base this on?

He is right though—during the elections, someone spread this fake news: that the Pope endorsed our President. And it spread. I have no idea how extensive the spread was because it didn’t reach me. I only heard about it 3rd hand.

Here’s what Ari may have found out if he did a bit of research—you know, his job?

He would have learned that during elections, the yellows created and financed fake pro-Duterte sites that churned out ridiculous stories about our candidate in the hopes that these ridiculous stories would spread. Then they’d expose the fake news and pin it on pro-Dutertes.

And on top of that, they could make fun of Duterte supporters and call us stupid. (Yeah, yeah, we’re stupid. A journalist who won’t do the minimum research IS stupid and irresponsible at the very least. At most, a paid hack. Which one are you, Ari Melber? Are you paid or just stupid?)

You can’t talk about fake accounts, fake sites and make it seem like these are the monopoly of the Duterte camp. That would be just plain lying because in truth, the yellows, the anti-Duts are geniuses at these and elevated it to an art—financed by money stolen from the Filipino people most likely.

So Ari talks about how the Pope fake-endorsed our President then out-of-nowhere, talks about how their president, Trump, did the same during the US elections and how this piece of fake news about Trump was shared over 800,000 times.

Then he conflates this piece of news to mean the same in the Philippine setup and he does so while talking through his hat (an idiomatic expression meaning—‘talking about something without understanding what you’re saying’. Blather in other words. Nonsense. Blah blah. )

What is up with Ari Melber? Is he just being stupid or paid?

The high point of Ari Melber’s report—and by high point I mean that part where I let out a giant snort that hurt my nostrils and that had me laughing like a crazy hyena was when Melber pulls out his piece de resistance, the ace up his sleeve, the ‘why-we-should-believe-you-here-it-comes-now’.

Maria Ressa.

And this is the part where we all burst out laughing and call it a day. Ok, Whewwww. And we thought this was something that should worry us. Maria Ressa, can you imagine?

Oh man. These Western journalists are a bunch of clowns. Ok na sana, Ari. May laban ka na sana. Kaso, ni-Maria Ressa mo kami.

The carefully built castle of lies of Ari Melber just came crashing down with the mention of Maria Ressa.

By now, the picture that’s emerging is a more sinister one than just mediocre journalism here and there. There seems to be a massive and orchestrated move by the US and Western press to destroy a most popular and beloved Philippine president—a man of the people. Someone who has taken them on mano a mano.

The whole spirit of his weird report is nothing the average Filipino can identify with. The walang kamodohan of this Onaks is how he talks about us like he knows, far far better than we do, our own reality.

That he is something of an authority when it comes to WHAT REALLY HAPPENED DURING OUR ELECTIONS. And WHO REALLY IS RODRIGO DUTERTE?

Fact of the matter is, the Philippines is getting better each and every day that Rodrigo Duterte sits as President. We are where we’ve never been before—at the cusp of a new day and striding towards the 21st century.

We are not home free yet. And it will be awhile before we can be home free but we are surely and swiftly getting there.

Thanks to the amazing leadership of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

This is common knowledge now. The world is bullish about the Philippines. We have not only picked up but we are soaring.

So this curious Ari Melber piece raises far more questions than answers them.

For me, the central question is:

Is Ari Melber just plain stupid or is he paid?

If paid, to do what really? To harm our president, of course. But why? And in whose service?

Why do Ari Melber and his handlers want to deny our country, the Philippines, its progress?

What’s in it for them?

Those are the interesting questions I want answered.
Source: Lorraine Marie T. Badoy