Canadian political scientist slams NUJP: 'Your letter is a LOAD OF CRAP' - News Spy

Canadian political scientist slams NUJP: 'Your letter is a LOAD OF CRAP'

Canadian political scientist slams NUJP: 'Your letter is a LOAD OF CRAP'
A Canadian  Political Scientist lambasted the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) after the latter released a statement saying that President Rodrigo Duterte was abusing his immense power, after he called the Philippine Daily Inquirer and ABS-CBN “garbage”.

Mr. Amir Assadollahi, who is an international Consultant, Lecturer and Political Commentator, in his Facebook page wrote an open letter to NUJP; said that the organization's letter in response to President Duterte is a 'load of crap'.

Read full open letter below:

An open letter to the National Union of Journalist of the Philippines,

Pardon my language, but let me put it in quotation so you can quote me, "your letter is a LOAD OF CRAP" written on behalf of all journalist under the National Union of Journalist of the Philippines while not all journalist agree with you.

I am a Canadian Political Scientist, and have had enough time to observe the politics of the Philippines and how its major media outlets portray the news.

I can say it with clarity that you lack the journalistic integrity and lack honesty - you intentionally and knowingly turning and twisting the news and taking the speeches out of context to make sure international community does not know the reality in the Philippines. 

Your news organizations represent the corporate media that is owned by corrupt political and economic oligarchs who are against the reforms in the Philippines. I have not heard or read any single worthy or honest or truthful news that you as "JOURNALISTS" who in particular work for "GMA", "ABS-CBN", "INQ", "Rappler" and "Philippine Star" feed the Filipinos and the global community.

I have made few commentaries in the past on my Public Wall on my FB on that topic on how to keep you honest, and I have seen that many people and the volunteers have taken the steps to show the global community and the Filipinos that they are recognizing your lies and your aims to constantly discredit the President of the Philippines and to suffocate the National Interest of the Philippines. You constantly aim to instigate riots and rallies in the Philippines to make news, steer the global community to block economic aid and investment in the Philippines, aimed constantly to steer tension between the ethnic groups in the Philippines and spark tension with the neighboring countries of the Philippines.

You are guilty of faking the news and deceiving the public and international community. I have seen how you cut and paste the news, I have read news by you the so called journalist that were full of distorted news aimed for the benefits of your masters (by hat I mean your corrupt bosses).
You, rather than use your journalistic skills and training to put the criminals behind bars and help your country achieve its goals to end criminality, corruption and illegal drug trades, you actually supporting criminal behaviors and corruption. You call yourself journalist, but lack integrity that a journalist must have.

You do not represent all the journalists in the Philippines, and your voice not necessary represents all of their voice. Maybe it is time to create a new Union for Journalists, and separate the fake journalist from the real journalists in the Philippines who have true integrity and they honestly report the news. I personally cannot recognize you as a representative of all journalists in the Philippines.

Amir Assadollahi
A Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator (just in case the name clouded the judgment of some readers!)