'Forget Duterte, Marcos for now, focus on ousting Leni', says journalist - News Spy

'Forget Duterte, Marcos for now, focus on ousting Leni', says journalist

'Forget Duterte, Marcos for now, focus on ousting Leni', says journalist
Journalist Jojo Robles in his Facebook page urged the people to focus on ousting Vice President Leni Robredo from office, and forget about President Rodrigo Duterte and former Senator Bongbong Marcos for a while.

An imoeachment case has recently been filed against Robredo by a lawyers Trixie Cruz-Angeles, Bruce Rivera, and professors Antonio Contreras and Tom Berenguer headed by Interior Assistant Secretary Epimaco Densing III.

According to the group, Robredo committed the impeachable offenses of betrayal of public trust, culpable violation of the Constitution and other high crimes.

Following the move for her ouster are accusations  that the ones behind it are Duterte or Marcos.

Concerns that a Robredo impeachment might detrimentally affect Duterte's image and prevent a Marcos takeover have also erupted.

Robles, however believed that the priority should first be ousting the VP, and worrying about the President and Marcos should be secondary.

"Eyes on the prize, people, as I always say. Don't lose focus or get distracted," he said.

"Get Aling Leni out by whatever legal means available. The country will thank you for it because then all the disruption will lose purpose, since the Yellows will no longer stand to benefit," he added.

Robles said the garbage should be taken out first.

In a separate post, Robles criticized Robredo for "using her high office (and fake "facts") to give credence to the Western media's bad-mouthing of Duterte."

He said this negatively impacted the image of Filipinos to foreigners.

"She needs to be taught a lesson that all Filipinos overseas already know the moment they get off the plane in a foreign land," he said.

"Everyone in this country enjoys freedom of expression. But some of us have a sworn duty to defend the country, which imposes limits on that freedom, especially abroad," he added.

SOURCE: Jojo Robles