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Fil-Am describes horrible Mexican drug cartel, says PH needs Duterte

Fil-Am describes horrible Mexican drug cartel, says PH needs Duterte
An anonymous Fil-Am writer behind the Facebook page Silent Pa More described the atrocities perpetrated by the drug cartels in Mexico, and said that the Philippines needs President Rodrigo Duterte and needs to rid itself of Vice President Leni Robredo, who is said to be supporting the narcotics trade.

The writer said that he has worked in the United States for six years and has knowledge on the "horrible" things that the cartel has done to Mexico.

He said the situation is beyond repair.

The post included a picture of dead bodies being hung in roads by the cartel  to scare  the people and even the government, the writer said this is normal in the country.

The control of the drug lords are so vast, even the people are made to pay taxes to them and noncompliance will result to harassment, death threats and kidnapping of their loved ones. Even local businesses cannot operate unless money is given to the cartel.

"Gusto nyo yan?" the post read.

"I remember one of my best friends in Mexico sent me a message out of nowhere asking me to pray for his family. The reason? The drug cartel is asking for some huge sum of money that they do not have. The cartel closed their tailoring business and my friend and his family fled and hid in the US. Buti nalang may pera sila sa pag-alis ng Mexico. Eh pano ang ibang Pinoy na walang wala talaga kapag ganito na ang nangyayari sa Pinas?," the writer cited.

The blogger cited how website We Are Collective made an analysis concluding that Vice President Leni Robredo is a narcopolitician and said that Filipinos should not let her destroy the country.

"The enemy will not stop until our beloved President is unseated. We have to fight back. I repeat, we have to fight back. There's no time na parelax-relax lang. Ang mga demonyo nga nonstop trabaho to destabilize our country. I encourage you to speak up. Share posts that support the President and talk to your neighbor about it. Convince them to fight with you," the post read.

The writer encouraged people to testify about what they know to politicians, both local and international and to promote the "truth" in social media.

"If the evil machineries of the Liberal Party prevail, I truly believe that is it for the Philippines. I hope I'm wrong but I think there will be no hope for my country, our country. Duterte is literally the best we got right now and in the many years to come. Like Mexico, lawlessness will abound," the post read.

"The good thing about Mexico is it's connected to the US by land. All the Mexicans have to do is cross the border to escape their cartel-stricken land. E tayo? Lalangoy? Ang hirap nga makakuha ng visa. And by the time the PH is a mess, countries will close their borders to Filipinos, like the US to Mexico. We'll die in the sea before we can reach another country by water,"

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SOURCE: Silent Pa More