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Pres. Duterte, sisibakin na ang chairman ng PCUP

President Rodrigo Duterte and Terry Ridon, photo from GMA Network
Sisibakin sa puwesto ang Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor (PCUP) ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte, ayon sa Malacanang nitong Martes.

The President has also asked me to identify the commission he intends to abolish: the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor (PCUP),” sinabi ni Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque sa isang briefing sa Palasyo.

And the President stated two grounds behind his decision to abolish the commission. Number one, it is, according to him, a collegial body, and they have not met as a collegial body. Number two, the commissioners are notorious for junkets abroad. This kind of work performance has no place in the Duterte administration,” dagdag pa ni Roque.

Dagdag pa ng opisyal ng Palasyo na, “this latest decision of the President to abolish the PCUP, among others, for unnecessary junkets of its officials, prove beyond doubt that the President is very serious in his anti-corruption campaign.”

Si Terry Ridon, isang kilalang opisyal na left-leaning, ang chairman ng PCUP.

Sa isang pahayag, pinasalamatan ni Ridon ang Pangulo , “for the opportunity to serve the nation.”

“The public record of the agency can speak for itself: we had implemented with full integrity the presidential promise of no demolition without relocation,” pahayag ni Ridon.

“We had represented government and given voice to the urban poor in international conferences on public housing, poverty alleviation and climate change, which was unprecedented in any administration,” dagdag pa ni Ridon.

Sa kabila ng mga paratang ng labis na junkets sa ibang bansa, pinilit ni Ridon na, “we performed our mandate to the best of our abilities, with integrity and competence, despite the heavy burden of undertaking genuine reform.”