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PMA alumnus: Bloggers won over Senators in Hearing

Photo from Philstar
Dan Jimenez, an alumnus of the Philippine  Military Academy Masikap Class of 1977 said that in the recent senate hearing on fake news, the bloggers were triumphant over the senators.

"It seemed that the power of grandstanding senators was no match to the mojo of the bloggers."

Jimenez said that the resource persons came in prepared for what the senators could throw at them, and that the latter did nothing to intimidate them.

He said that it was obvious that the bloggers were "having fun" and the senators "miserable".

"If Trillanes posed as the torturer, Hontiveros played the tortured pleading for de Liema's case and invoking compassion for her and the whole senate as a whole. Poe, did not bite," he said.

" Lacierda, Abnoy's former spokesperson was booed for skirting Villar's direct question. Must be thinking he was still with Aquino in Malacanang," he added.

Jimenez said that he expects the next hearing to be attended by the people behind the blog Silent No More which the majority senators have targetted after it published an article criticizing them for not having signed the senate resolution against the coutry's extrajudicial killings.

"Round two must pack a wallop with the people behind Silent No More forced to show up. Then it will be blogger vs. blogger. I foresee a knock out!" he said.

On Wednesday, the senate met for the hearing against fake news, attended by various mainstream media and social media bloggers such as Trixie Cruz-Angeles and Mocha Uson.

Source:Dan Jimenez