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Lawyer urges DDS-SOCMED bloggers to file a complaint against Rappler

Lawyer urges DDS-SOCMED bloggers to file a complaint against Rappler
Atty. Bruce V. Rivera, a known supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte,  urged his fellow social media bloggers to file a case against Rappler and to Pia Ranada for continuously branding the Digong Duterte Supporters-Social Media Bloggers as paid trolls.

Atty. Rivera stated that he will not tolerate that kind of treatment that they have been facing. The critics of the President has been branding the Duterte supporters as paid trolls, which on part of Rivera was a form of abuse.

Atty. Rivera enjoins everyone to file a complaint against online news site Rappler and against Pia Ranada and even encouraged Atty. Jesus Falcis to defend the two.

Atty. Rivera said that though they have been branded as paid trolls during the campaign period, it is high time to teach mainstream media to reprimand their own kind, then the socmed bloggers will give them a lesson to crumble their superciliousness.

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Since the campaign period of 2016, we have been maligned, belittled and branded as paid trolls. And we still are called trolls especially by Rappler, Maria Ressa and Pia Ranada.

I am no longer allowing myself to be abused this way. Winnie Monsod called Mocha and myself as trolls like it is a gospel truth with no hint of guilt or hesitation. They have allowed to brand us with a name so degrading it demeans even the best of us.

So this is my call to you. On August 21, 2017, I will prepare a Criminal Complaint against Rappler, Ressa and Ranada and those who will join me will sign both a criminal and civil complaint. The charges will not be announced in public so that they cannot prepare for this. I am imploring Atty. Jesus Falcis to represent them so we can see each other in court and test our abilities as lawyers. The venue will be announced later.

If President Duterte will not make them stop because it becomes an issue of freedom of speech, then we as the aggrieved parties will have a better chance because now it will be about civil liberties. And let us see who has rights that need to be protected.

Perhaps, if mainstream media cannot police their own media will teach them lessons they have never learned because of their misplaced arrogance.

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Source: Bruce V. Rivera