Chiz slams Gascon: ‘Dito ka maglaba ng maruming damit hindi sa international community’ - News Spy

Chiz slams Gascon: ‘Dito ka maglaba ng maruming damit hindi sa international community’

Chiz slams Gascon: ‘Dito ka maglaba ng maruming damit hindi sa international community’

This was the statement of Senator Chiz Escudero during the recently conducted Kapihan sa Senado last May 11, 2017.

Jose Luis Martin “Chito” Gascon, the current chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights was one of the notable persons to claim the administration of PDU30 is supporting the extra-judicial killings in the country.

Gascon also described the situation of our country as “a period of darkness, the sun is gone, night has fallen” during the 30th anniversary of the Commission. He has been a critic of the anti-illegal drugs campaign, as he also said that the CHR was prepared to cooperate with the International Criminal Court in the case filed against Pres. Duterte in relation to alleged extra judicial killings in the country.
When asked if Cayetano reported an untruthful details regarding the summary killings in the country, Escudero said that Cayetano focused on defending administration of President Duterte.  Escudero also stated that the Human Rights body will be the number one advocate for human rights, for it is their advocacy.

Escudero added that the public should be more calm and more considerate towards President Duterte’s way of expressing his thoughts and opinions. He said that the people were not used to hearing things like what has President has been uttering. He added that there was a time that they were in Davao listening to the President’s speech, and the locals just laughed at his pronouncements.

He expressed that the administration has articulated its serious commitment to extermination of all activities involving illegal drugs in the Philippines.  He explained that Gascon’s allegation on government support on extra judicial killings was purely based on the statements of Pres. Duterte against the drug syndicates, persons of interests regarding the illegal drug operations.

The senator said that Gascon has been an activist. He also said that the commissioner rarely talks in the country but worse he complains in the international setting. The senator also said it will be better if Gascon takes action inside the Philippines rather than publicly airing his allegations against the administration in the international setting.

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