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A Retired General said that Maute Group might be associated with Samahang Magdalo

A Retired General said that Maute Group might be associated with Samahang Magdalo
Facebook blogger and a supporter of President Duterte Abe Purugganan imparted in his Facebook account a very well-sounded opinion coming from friend, a retired general who spent half of his life in Mindanao. 

On his post, Purugganan cited that the retired general understood that the Maute’s occupancy and blockade in Marawi City is very ‘unusual’. The general also said that they don’t execute attack before Ramadan, they let it finish first then they attack after hariraya puasa or fitri.

The retired general also said that Marawi is a very unlikely location to be the target of the extremist, lest their goal is to wipe the President’s face with shame and embarrassment. He also said that they sieged Marawi to disrupt the peace talks between President Duterte and Moro Islamic Liberation Front and to create war in Mindanao. In addition, the Maute group seems like they want a clash of religions basing on the institutions and establishments that they attacked, the retired general added.

According to him, somebody is playing jihadist.

He also specified that there’s an intel report last April the apparent “lost” firearms by Magdalo group for allegedly continuing 'special ops' during the Ramadan to ‘sustain disturbances operation’.

Allegedly, some Maute members are seemingly associates of the Magdalo Partylist or the Samahan Magdalo.

“I am trying to hold my conclusion but my experience in intelligence analysis tells me that there is a connection especially when all information points toward Magdalo.” the retired general stated. 

The bothersome part of this rebellion is that they will continue the 'sustain disturbance operations' in the area as Ramadan will be observed by our Muslim Brothers and sisters and it means that there will still be upcoming terror attacks. This may be the critical reason on why the President declared Martial Law, said Purugganan.

“The government should investigate immediately and make arrests if necessary. Life of people here is at stake. There is imminent danger. National security is threatened.

Some politicians are snooping, making this state advantageous for them and take this situation to be their winning card. “They can afford to sacrifice the lives of our people and plunge this country into chaos just to pursue their selfish political agenda. This is really too much. This is treason and rebellion.”

Purugganan enjoined everyone to be alert and careful. He also encouraged everyone to pray and hoped that those who are behind this ‘destabilization plot be neutralized’.