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Saudi Consul denies sabotaging Duterte's visit in KSA

Saudi Consul denies sabotaging Duterte's visit in KSA
Saudi Consul fires back at netizen against him: "Delete your posts or I will press charges"

Consul Christopher Patrick Aro who was recently accused by OFW Rey Eduard Umel of depriving Filipinos in Saudi Arabia to see President Rodrigo Duterte answered back to Umel in his Facebook page and has threatened to press charges should the OFW refuse to take down his posts.

Umel recently accused Aro of being "yellow" after the latter allegedly cut down the number of guests allowed in President Rodrigo Duterte's  Filipino Community Meeting from 10,000 to 1,000 people.

He said Aro did this while  Consul General Iric Cruz Arribas flew back to the Philippines for his mother's funeral.

His post called Aro a liar who sabotaged Duterte's visit.

Aro in response, posted that a Congen Arribas has already explained what happened to Umel, and he therefore shouls get rid of his post.

"1) Remove and delete your post from FB and all other places where it appeared;
 2) Issue a clarificatory statement here on FB stating that you were misinformed regarding the issues you raised against me; and 3) cease and desist from posting further inflammatory statements against the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, its officers and staff, myself included." he said.

Aro said that he will file a complaint against you with the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs for slandering and maliciously inciting our Filipino expatriates in the Kingdom to act against a duly commissioned consular officer of the Republic of the Philippines to the KIngdom of Saudi Arabia.

He said Umel has seven days to respond to his post.

SOURCE: Christopher Patrick Aro