'Duterte is a big threat to media', says prosecutor - News Spy

'Duterte is a big threat to media', says prosecutor

'Duterte is a big threat to media', says prosecutor
"Media angered by how Duterte  degraded their capacity"

Prosecutor Darwin Cañete in his Facebook page claimed that the reason why mainstream media "hates" President Rodrigo Duterte is because he represents the growing irrelevance of it.

He said that the president's win proved that advertising in big media companies had little effect for the win of a politician.

"I always believed that the reason why big media hates Duterte is that his win empirically proved that buying political advertisements and currying favorable coverage from their oligarch owners for purposes of election no longer matters," he said.

Cañete said the companies stand revealed to be a big waste.

He also mentioned that Duterte is considered as a threat  by  these companies,  and not the extrajudicial killings happening in the country because of his war against drugs.

"Duterte represents the growing irrelevance of big media and the degraded ability of oligarchs to dictate on the national agenda," the prosecutor said.

Duterte has recently exchanged hits with ABS-CBN and the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

He said that the two companies were unfair in their reporting and were akin to "garbage". He also said that he will be putting up his own show at PTV4, the government-run broadcast channel.

Duterte during his first month of being president, also boyycottted the media, refusing to answer any questions from the press, yet resumed after a month.