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Kadamay slams media: 'Your reports are not true'

Kadamay slams media: 'Your reports are not true'
Urban poor group Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap or Kadamay called on to Philippine media with a request to feature the needs of the urban group in their reportage and not to resort to the prejudices of society.

In a statement, Kadamay said that the media reports of them being "whiny" about the housing units are not true.

They also denied reports of them asking for free electricity and water.

"This is not true. Kadamay is calling for direct connection to electricity and water service providers. Most relocation sites route utilities through either the NHA or the developer. This results in unreliable, expensive, and even dangerous delivery," Kadamay said.

"For example, in St. Martha Estate Homes in Bulacan, 10 cubic meters of water costs Php 209 while in Camarin Residences (an in-city relocation project) the same amount of water costs Php 285. Most areas in Metro Manila would pay only Php 97 for this amount of water. Why take more from those who already have so little?" the group added.

Kadamay noted the lack of concern for their health and safety.

"The urban poor of the Philippines are fighting a hard battle. They have to battle everyday just to find a means to survive. They shouldn’t have to battle for the respect that they deserve as a human beings," the group said.

"We ask the media this: listen to what the urban poor are actually saying, and not to what internal or social prejudices are dictating."

Source: GMA News