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President Duterte to communist rebels: 'STOP committing atrocities and collecting revolutionary taxes'

President Rodrigo Duterte | CTTO
Pres. Duterte’s patience has been tested by at-times of difficult negotiations with rebels and has previously resulted to suspension of the peace talks.

It can be recalled on November of last year 2017, President Duterte has ordered termination of peace talks with the CPP/NPA/NDFP (Communist Party of the Philippines/New Peoples Army/National Democratic Front of the Philippines) founded by Jose Maria "Joma" Sison after the failure of communist rebels in reciprocating peace and order.

Pres. Duterte's decision arises when CPP and its armed wing, the New People’s Army (NPA) invloved in a violent incident on government troops and civilians.

New Peoples Army | CTTO
Citing on the recent tragic incident where a infant was killed when NPA members - the armed wing of CPP ambushed the police vehicle in Barangay Tikalaan, Talakag, Bukidnon, last Nov. 11. The baby and her mother were in a Toyota Fortuner that was behind the police vehicle.

This has followed by a proclamation of Pres. Duterte declaring the  CPP and NPA as terrorist organizations.

Tuesday, in his speech in Mindoro Oriental, Preisdent Duterte calls out the communist insurgents to stop committing atrocities and collecting revolutionary taxes. 

President also said that the NPAs should execute and honor a bilateral ceasefire with the governent if they really wanted to resumes peace talks.

"Kung gusto niyo talagang totohanan is you stop immediately. You and I ceasefire tayo. Ni walang isang putok, maski labintador and I would be happy," Duterte said

The President is so kind as he even offered to support them financially on the talks process and suggested to shoulder the hotel accomodation and for the food of the insurgent's pundits.

"I can subsidize your cost. Hindi naman kayo marami masyado. Palagay natin kung pagkain lang ang ano, I can take care of that," he added.

Nearly 60 congressmen from various political parties have signed House Resolution No. 1803 which are asking President Duterte to resume the stalled peace talks with the National Democratic Front (NDF) - political arm of CCP.

“Gusto kong magkaroon tayo ng mapayapang usapan. But along the way, maraming,  well, obstructions and everything but you must understand, hindi madali magpunta sa paratingan natin,” Pres. Duterte said.

“And so if we can have a middle ground, hindi ko naman sinasarahan lahat because hindi totoo ‘yang forever. Maski sa magkakasintahan, ngayon lang ‘yan. Bukas, ‘pag hawakan na ang kamay wala na,” he added.

Communist Rebels | CTTO

Communist Rebels | CTTO
Presidential adviser on the peace process Secretary Jesus Dureza said that the existence of an enabling environment would be the only key factor for the recommence of the meeting for peace talks with the communist rebels.


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Source: GMA News