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President Duterte praised for his compassion, love and determined leadership for all the Filipinos

President Rodrigo Duterte  | CTTO
President Rodrigo Duterte may appear as someone who is as tough leader, but behind the toughness of his political firebrand leadership is a man who is well-loved and praised by majority of the Filipinos worldwide.

Today marks the most important day among the Filipinos and even the people around the globe celebrating the birthday of our dear President Rodrigo Duterte.

A lot of the President's stalwarts supporters sent their wishes and greetings to Tatay Digong as most of his supporter calls him.

One of those who wished for Pres. Duterte is the Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque who earlier said "just like in previous years, he has chosen to spend this special day quietly with his family and loved ones in Davao City,” 

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque | CTTO

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque | President Rodrigo Duterte | CTTO
Roque wished Pres. Duterte a healthy life as he continued to serve his people.

“On this day, we are reminded of how blessed we are as a nation to be headed by someone who is known for his strong political will, decisive leadership and compassion for his fellowmen.  I join the people in wishing our President a happy birthday!”

“For many years, Mr. Duterte has inspired many officials in government – myself included – to do better in serving the public.  His sense of duty and fidelity to the country motivate us to work even harder to spread his message of genuine and meaningful change to our people,“

“We pray that he will be blessed with more healthy years ahead so he may continue to guide our people to unity and prosperity,”

Also, Communications Secretary Martin Andanar greeted the President for more years, a good health and the wisdom of fine age.

Communications Secretary Martin Andanar | CTTO

President Rodrigo Duterte  | Communications Secretary Martin Andanar | CTTO

"A grateful people celebrate his seventy-third year and pray that he be blessed for more,” Andanar said.

“We pause for this one day, to render to the President, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the honor and the gratitude deserving of a leader, whose vision is revealed as each day unfolds. He acts both from the realm of power, and from the homes of the powerless. The narratives of his stories, belong authentically to the language of the people,” 


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