Pres. Duterte lashed out Communist founder Joma Sison: “Pinaka-duwag sa lahat ng mga Duwag!” - News Spy

Pres. Duterte lashed out Communist founder Joma Sison: “Pinaka-duwag sa lahat ng mga Duwag!”

 President Rodirigo Duterte | CPP founder Jose Maria 'Joma" Sison 

"Most cowardly of all cowards”

This is how President Rodirigo Duterte dubbed the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria 'Joma" Sison for seeking an alliance government with rebels in exchange for a peace agreement Speaking at the 16th anniversary rites of the Supreme Tribal Council for Peace and Development Inc. in Davao City.

President Duterte said in his speech Joma Sison aims to join the government and will rise a “politburo” or an advisory group where both government and communist authorities would share control. 

 President Rodirigo Duterte | CTTO
“Sison is the most cowardly of all cowards. He was my idol when I was still a student. But now, whenever I talk to him, he tells me that he wants to join the government. We are like a politburo if that’s the case…They want a committee where they are on the other side while I’m on the government side,” Pres. Duterte said 

President Duterte completely contradicted any coalition government with the communists, saying such coalition implies sharing a piece of the nation's sway which he guaranteed is something he can't give to Joma.

“Our Constitution is the basis 

of sovereignty and the government. It can only be given to the person who was chosen by the people,” he said.

CPP founder Jose Maria 'Joma" Sison | CTTO

Communist rebels and supporters surrenders | CTTO

“But the person who would choose something like that is an immature coward,” he stated, alluding to Sison who as far as anyone knows looked for a coalition government which Duterte said would undermine the country’s appointive procedure. 

President Rodrigo Duterte pronounced that the rebels shows interest and demands for a coalition government, was one of the reason as to why the peace talks between the government and the rebels crumbled.

The President cancelled the peace talks with the communist rebels and has declared the New People’s Army (NPA) as a “terrorist group”. The communist party however, has also intensify the rebellion to topple the government.

In his speech, Pres. Duterte lashed out at the communist rebels for abandoning their children and following Sison to their deaths as if he was a god.

”Look at what you did not just to your fellow person, but to the person whom you gave birth to. Son of a b*tch, and then you leave them. What’s worse is that you join the NPA and die for it. You will lose yourself to nothing, Then you follow Sison whom you’ve treated as your god.” Pres. Duterte added

He additionally hit back at the terrorist for executing other individuals in view of Sison's belief system which Duterte said had missing its touch with the realities on the ground.

“When the communists fight, they kill. Your lives are in disarray,” he said.

“You’re not even prepared to die for God, but you’d be willing to die for an ideology. Whose ideology is that? It’s Sison’s. Who is he? He’s only a man. What is he? Stupid. Very stupid,” he added.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) earlier stated about 2,000 communist terrorist and supporters have surrendered to the government since last year of December 2017 and about 600 of these were New People's Army (NPA) combatants.

New People's Army (NPA) | CTTO

New People's Army (NPA) | CTTO

The NPA is the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines, and the National Democratic Front (NDF) is their political arm.


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Source:  Manila Bulletin