Pres. Duterte blasts Canadian gov't over botched chopper deal: 'Gago pala kayo, how stupid can you get? - News Spy

Pres. Duterte blasts Canadian gov't over botched chopper deal: 'Gago pala kayo, how stupid can you get?

President Rodrigo Duterte | Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau | CTTO

President Rodrigo Duterte slammed Canada over a $233-million chopper deal that did not push through after Canadian politicians questioned the purchase of helicopters amid concerns on the reported human rights violations in the Philippines.

Canadian government orders review of deal to sell helicopters to the Philippines as the aircraft could be used to fight guerrillas prompting Duterte to cancel procurement contract for 16 Bell helicopters from Canada.

"Tingnan mo how stupid the Canadians are, very stupid. Pumayag sila na mapagbili. Noong ma-deliver na sabi nila, 'Ah but you cannot use these for military or punitive actions by the police. This is only good for evacuation and 'yung mga humanitarian... You cannot use these against your own citizens,'"  President Duterte said

Bell 412 choppers | CTTO
Bell 412 choppers | CTTO
The Philippine military however, canceled deal to with the Canadian to purchase helicopters following a directive from Duterte.

"My God, you Canadians, how stupid can you get? Our citizens are joining the ISIS so we have every right to kill our citizens because we do not want to destroy the community with apathy," President Duterte said

"Gago pala kayo...You're treating us like garbage. The entire community of the world should know that there is a Republic of the Philippines which you cannot just fucking shit. Do not do it to us because I will insult you. Who are you?" he added

President Rodrigo Duterte | CTTO
Duterte made his remarks in a speech during the general assembly of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines held at the Manila Hotel.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said that the procurement of 16 Bell 412 choppers are supposedly to be used for 'transportation of personnel and supplies, ferrying wounded and injured soldiers, and the conduct of humanitarian assistance and disaster response operations.'

The Armed Forces of the Philippines is now considering to look for a new helicopters supplier at Russia, China, South Korea, and Turkey.

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, asked on the issue whether he was concerned the choppers might be used against Filipinos, and he replied "Absolutely."


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Source: GMA News