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Erwin Tulfo on Isabelle Duterte's critics: Mamatay kayo sa inggit

Erwin Tulfo and Isabelle Duterte, photo compiled from Google
Journalist Erwin Tulfo in his Facebook page defended Presidential granddaughter Isabelle Duterte after critics slammed her for having her pre-debut photoshoot inside the Malacanang Palace.

Tulfo said that the critics were just consumed and driven by their "jealousy" towards the Presidential family.

Isabelle is the daughter of Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and was called out for her pre debut photos which showed her in designer ball gowns posing inside the Palace and featuring the Presidential seal and coat of arms. The shoot aggravated critics who said that the act was outside moral descency and even violative of the law.

Meanwhile, Tulfo claimed that the critics erred in stating that the Presidential deughter violated a law.

Tulfo added that Isabelle even "promoted" the beauty of Malacanang.

He said that as a member of the Presidential family, the teenager had every right to have her photos taken inside Malacanang.

This is Tulfo's Facebook post:


Sadya talagang inggitero at inggitero ang marami sa ating mga kababayan.

Akalain mong ang simpleng photo shoot o picture taking na ito sa loob ng Malacanang ni Isabelle Duterte, unang apo o First Grandaughter ni Manong Digong, ginagawan ng isyu ng ilang mga gago at gaga!!!

Kesyo hindi daw tama dahil isang lugar daw ito ng kapangyarihan o may nilabag daw na batas, etecetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Hoy mga Ugok at ugak, walang nalabag na batas si Isabelle. At hindi rin masama ang pagpapalitrato niya sa Malacanang dahil PINAPAKITA NIYA ANG GANDA NITO ( kaya nga niya ginawang background sa pictorial di ba???).

Ang masama kung binaboy at di na niya nirespeto ang lugar. Besides, First Grandaughter naman siya di ba??? So may K siya magpapicture sa opis ng Lolo niya…mga bobo at boba!!!!"

Isabelle also posted the photos on her Instagram account, garnering both praise and criticisms.

Some pointed out that posing in front of the Presidential seal is illegal.

The critics quoted Executive Order No. 310 s. 2004 of the Philippine Constitution, which states the permitted and prohibited use of the symbol.

"Except as otherwise provided by law or Presidential issuance, the Coat-of-Arms, Seal, and Flag of the President of the Philippines or of the Vice President of the Philippines shall be exclusively used to represent the President of the Philippines or the Vice President of the Philippines, respectively.”

The law also states that the symbol is only allowed to be reproduced on educational materials and facilities, and to embellish structures used to house presidential and vice-presidential documents.

Only one provision pertained to using the seal in photographs: “Use by way of photographic or electronic visual reproduction in pictures, moving pictures, telecasts, or otherwise of bona fide news content.”

Source: Erwin Tulfo