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UK Political expert shares how President Duterte can overcome CIA's coup d'état

UK Political expert shares how President Duterte can overcome CIA's coup d'état
It is evident that there were drastic and dramatic changes since Pres. Duterte assumed his office. The illegal drugs, corruption, graft and criminal involvement of the crooked politicians were at stake, especially now that Duterte wanted and demanded a transformed government for the Filipinos.

Duterte means business. His orders on taking down corrupt officials and intensified anti illegal drugs operations, as well as dismantling the corrupt government that his predecessor has failed to do were the reason why the people maintained their trust and high approval ratings.

His transformational leadership posed a threat to the corrupt politicians and those who plan to destabilize the president. The involvement of CIA in alleged plot overthrowing the president was also considered by some spectators.

Adam Garrie, a Political Expert from the United Kingdom, shared a report by Sputnik in his article in 'The Duran' that The Philippines National Democratic Front has alleged the US Central Intelligence Agency and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) have been plotting to kill exiled Communist Party founder Jose Maria Sison, and overthrow President Rodrigo Duterte. If true, it won’t be the first time the US has sought to meddle in the country’s affairs.

Garrie also added that the NDF suspects military officials as moles of the CIA in Duterte’s administration. He added that the NDF suspects two plots that would cost Duterte’s presidency. One is the plot to attack JoMa Sison in the Netherlands, and the demonization of Duterte’s image as a mass murderer for his campaign on illegal drugs.

Garrie added that Duterte was the type of leader that the CIA would hate. “He is popular, he is populist in the positive sense of the word, he is in favour of making his country’s wealth more evenly distributed in the hands of the people rather than oligarchs and elites and his foreign policy is based on the pragmatic understanding that the future of South East Asia lies in understanding that China is the superpower of the region and not the United States." Garrie also added that Duterte’s serious attempt to end corruption is another reason why the foreign countries would want him out of office.

“The CIA is powerful, but if the people of Philippines unite to support their President, this would send a message. Additionally, Duterte must not be timid in purging the military of treasonous elements,” said Garrie, emphasizing that the Filipinos should stand and fight with Duterte in all of his battles.

Garrie added that an army loyal to the President rather than its own pro-American ideas is the only thing that can preserve not only Duterte’s popular Presidency but also the future independence of Philippines as a nation.

“President Rodrigo Duterte must realize that he is an epoch-making leader. He must take the steps necessary to make sure that no one can violently undo the progress he makes and intends to keep making.”

Source: The Duran