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Foreign political analyst on LP Members’ downfall: 'A good news for change'

Foreign political analyst on LP Members’ fall down: “A good news for change"
When President Duterte decided to run for presidency, people anticipated that his government will be a government of change. Change of administration, change of leadership. Duterte posed as the agent of change, a change that the Filipino people have demanded for so long.

The victory of Duterte gave chills and threat to the parties that raped the constitution and defied the laws of the country. These people, who should be the ones who protected the state’s interests, were the ones who were being pointed out as the contributors to worsening the problems this country was facing.

Nigel Locke, a foreign political analyst, pointed out some significant happening that signifies big change since President Duterte sat as the President.

Andres Bautista’s inexplicable wealth was revealed, which will give light to the alleged fraud claims on the automated elections.

Risa Hontiveros’ involvement in the P1.7 billion misused funds of Philhealth was an ink to blur her “pure white” intentions. And then babbled and admitted receiving campaign funds from Kenneth Dong.

Robredo still fights hard to the election protest of BBM. While Ombudsman Morales and CJ Sereno faces impeachment charges.

Trillanes got burned in international media while he attempted to soil the President’s name, thanks to Mr. Sackur.

While Leila De Lima was in jail, facing charges in connection to the illegal drug operations in Bilibid. The fall of the Ozamiz Clan was also notable.

Mr. Locke was very appreciative of what is happening, as he would say, “Nice to have some good news for a change”

See full post of Nigel Locke below.

Have you ever sat at a meal where everything looks so good, yet there is so much, you just can't choose what to enjoy first?

The news here is just like that.

Bautista the commissioner for elections, cherry picked by Aquino is outed by his wife for massive unexplained wealth which really does ask questions about Liberal Party & allies "victories" in the 2016 election.

Risa Hontiveros who already is facing questions about the said election together with discrepancies of P1.7billion of Philheath funds, suddenly seems to panic and admits in public to receiving campaign funds from a drug lord of P8million.

Fake VP Roberedo now not only has a case against her from BBM but is also at risk from the Bautista scandal.

Chief Justice Sereno and Ombudsman Carpio-Morales, both Aquino puppets both face legitimate impeachment cases.

Trillanes who made a fool of himself in a BBC interview seems to have at long last found the off button for his mouth.

DeLima is STILL in jail.

A huge drug ring was busted in Ozamis and the ripples of that will go on and on.

Nice to have some good news for a change

Source: Nigel Locke