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Photo Diaries: True stories of our modern day heroes —snappy salute

In times like this, when the lawless groups attempts to spread terrors and panic,  we hear heroic deeds and see patriotic actions of brave men who has lived up their pledge to defend the citizens and to defend the Republic of the Philippines.

The Facebook Page Scout Ranger Books shared numerous photos of our courageous peacekeepers, giving us a hint on what is happening to the ground when the war of bullets and the quest for peace begins.

The Incredible

This is Private First Class (PFC) Allan Benbinuto, a member of the 15th Scout Ranger Company. The soldier was first injured in Basilan, where his leg was hit by a bullet. He was also hit in the hands while in Basilan. In the Marawi clash, a sniper bullet was able to hit the wall and the shrapnel injured his eyes, when asked if he wants to go back in the warzone, he said “Siyempre sir. Bahala na ang Diyos. Alam ko naman na di ako pababayaan sir.” (PFC Allan Benbinuto was on the right)

Photo from Facebook

No Scout Ranger left behind

This was the team that proves the strong bond and loyalty of a ranger to his fellow ranger. Four soldiers from the 5th Mechanized Battalion were killed because their tank was hit by RPG of the rebels. The ISIS surrounded the said tank so that they will be able to kill every rescue team who’ll attempt to retrieve the body of the succumbed soldiers. The 5th Mechanized Battalion asked for the assistance of First Scout Ranger Battalion under Ltc. Samuel Yunque (second from left). The team of Ltc. Yunque was so unhesitant and because they are guided by their principle “Walang iiwanan na patay na kasama” they helped in the retrieval of the bodies. It was a hard mission since the ISIS has already spread in the area, but because of the collaborative efforts of the two battalions, they finished the missions successfully.
Photo from Facebook

Not your ordinary selfie

This selfie of our rangers was so extraordinary. This picture shows how our men would want to exit the ground zero to relieve themselves by the stress and tension of the crossfire. One scout ranger said, “Grabe ang saya namin nyan sir. Halos lahat ng Santo naubos namin panalangin para makalabas doon.”
Photo from Facebook

Magnificent Seven

One team of Ranger is composed of seven men, which has distinct specializations. The radio man-who’s in charge of the communication to other teams, the snipers men, the rifle men and the team leader. This was the team who’s able to break in the Maute/ISIS stronghold. Long live sir!
Photo from Facebook

These kinds of men is what the world needs, men who’s word is their bond, men who do not hesitate taking chances, men who are larger than their vocation.

Source: Scout Ranger Books