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Mayor Sara Duterte: Davao City under hold-and-secure status

Mayor Sara Duterte: Davao City under hold-and-secure status
The daughter of President Rodrigo Duterte, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio changed her prior pronouncement from making Davao City "on lockdown" to a "hold-and-secure situation."

The lockdown declaration was given after Pres. Duterte declared martial law in Mindanao. In the report, government forces encountered with the terrorist Maute group in Marawi, Lanao del Sur.

"Mula sa lockdown, we have changed the situation to a hold-and-secure situation," Duterte-Carpio stated during an interview.

Mayor Duterte-Carpio also added “We are preventing violence from erupting inside the city. We are preventing violence from entering Davao City. We are discouraging travel to and from Davao City if it's not an urgent matter to attend to.”

She also advised Davao residents to refrain from going to other towns in Mindanao while waiting for the actions of the government.

She also said that there will be increased visibility of the armed forces because there has been an intelligence report that there are associates of Maute Group remaining in Davao City. "They are Maute members, Maute group. Mero ntayong identified individuals inside Davao City but they are under the control of our law enforcement authorities," according to  Duterte-Carpio.

However, she assured that they are not roaming around and they cant go around the city.

She said that there are no imminent threats in Davao City, yet, they might target the President’s hometown.

The mayor also stated that the business operations in Davao City will still be on a normal situation.

"Ang sa amin lang we encourage them to have an emergency plan. We encourage businesses not to retain large amounts of cash inside their premises, and we strongly encourage them to invest in private security guards, modern security equipment and modern firefighting equipment," she stated.

Source: PhilStar