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Leni Robredo and Bolet Banal spending “Quantity Time in Visayas”?

LENI ROBREDO AND BOLET BANAL spending “Quantity Time  in Visayas”
Respectable social media warrior Sass Sasot shared in her Facebook page a number of photos of VP Leni Robredo and Congressman Jorge “Bolet” Banal. The vice president was in the area to attend some commitments.

In the photo posted on Sasot’s blog-For the Motherland, a netizen thanked Leni but surprisingly some photos bear the presence of Cong. Banal on the said event last May 18, 2017.

Photo from Facebook

Sasot stated that instead of being in the Congress, or being with his constituents, Congressman Banal opted to be with the Vice President on the said dates.
Photo from Facebook

In photo above, VP Robredo poses for photo ops upon arrival at Siquijor, May 19, 2017, coincidentally; there goes the alleged Congressman Banal (encircled) in the background.

Sass Sasot boldly raised a question, “What exactly is going on? Quantity time ba ito? Ano ba talaga ang katungkulan niya sa Office of the Vice President of the Philippines?”

There were a series of allegations circulating in the media against the two that there is something going on between them.

Source: Sass Sasot