Int'l Political Commentator slams ABS-CBN: If you can’t understand the language of Duterte, then don’t spread LIES - News Spy

Int'l Political Commentator slams ABS-CBN: If you can’t understand the language of Duterte, then don’t spread LIES

Int'l Political Commentator slams ABS-CBN: If you can’t understand the language of Duterte, then don’t spread LIES
Canadian political analyst Amir Assadollahi slams ABS-CBN for adding malicious ideas on President Duterte’s interviews. The news agency was being criticized by the Assadollahi for spreading not so credible news and this conduct of the news agency was giving him a hard time to realize the value of that news organization.

Assadolahi admitted that even he cannot speak Tagalog and understand this language, he said that he can fully understand what President Duterte is trying to achieve. He said, “You got yourself a good president, someone who actually cares for your country and the Filipinos, and someone who is tirelessly hardworking. In my life time, I have not seen anyone as dedicated as him in bringing the Philippines back on the global map.”

He also said that Pres. Duterte’s approach on directing the government is ‘sound and well-calculated.’ He also observed that the president is too honest and what he says is the truth, but it doesn’t necessarily give this news agency the license to take literally, ‘twist and turn’ the story on as the news agency wanted it to be.

Assadolahi said that this news organization doesn’t read world history. He defended the president by saying, “He (Pres. Duterte) talks in literal terms and in historical terms. All empires and all powers collapse and fall, and that is a historical fact, and you rather than understanding that simple fact that even a junior high school student should know by studying the world history, you take it and turn it into your own sick and twisted game for your own amusement.”

“You talk about some strange numbers, and you keep repeating. You must have heard what Hitler said about repeating lies, right?”, Assadolahi  added. He even said that they are exactly doing what Hitler once did, and that is to repeat spreading lies to that extent that big lies frequently told are the lies that will be believed.

Assadolahi also stated that since the term of Pres. Duterte, the Philippines became one of the ‘mos invested country’ in the region. He also said that President Duterte was the one who fixed problems that the past administration has ‘purposely ignored’ or purposely created. “He has brought the Philippines and the region one step closer to peace and prosperity. He has put the Philippines' national interests ahead of the foreign nations' interests - something that your previous governments in the last 30 years have been willingly ignoring!”, Assadolahi added.

Assadolahi boldly says, “The U.S. is a friend of the Philippines, but the Philippines needs to think what is best for the Philippines and not what is best for the U.S. or E.U., and stop begging for handouts and stop looking like something of no importance that is not deserved to be included in the big leagues as a high roller.” He said that because of President Duterte, this country enters the big league.

He even commented that the thick headed journalists can’t understand the tactic of President Duterte in his foreign policy. He said that, “ …every strategist knows that all the countries around the world need to shift their foreign policies, but somehow your news organization cannot get it through its (your) thick heavy skulls filled with cement.”

Assadolahi recognized President Duterte’s effort to make this country strong and now the Philippines is now known to be a power player and he draw the importance of the Philippines in the global market economy, and his effort to reform the Philippines, but it seems that ‘the thick headed journalists and corporate news organizations’ can't see that.

Assadolahi said that these news organizations may not support the policies of the president but they must let the people (the foreign nations and outsiders) understand his speeches. He said that it looks like they (journalists and corporate news organizations) are the ones who might need interpreters to understand his speeches.

Assadolahi said that he will offer his service as an interpreter to understand the president if these news organizations needed it. Assadolahi assured the news agency that he doesn’t have an intention to put them down. He said that he just gave a constructive feedback in a ‘language and tone of voice’ that they are familiar with.

Source: Amir Assadollahi