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Foreign policy expert says ‘Rappler sabotaged our Republic’

Foreign policy expert says ‘Rappler sabotaged our Republic’
International relations and foreign policy expert Sass Sasot intensively explained on why Maria Ressa and her news company Rappler has sabotaged the Philippine Republic by leaking confidential documents and transcripts between Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and US President Donald Trump.

Sasot said that the Pres. Duterte has disclosed some parts of his conversation with Pres. Trump and Pres. Duterte said that he would ‘be happy to make it public.’ She added that the Duterte has no intention to deceive the Filipinos and betray public’s trust.

“Without demonstrably satisfying any compelling public interest, Rappler and the leaker accomplished only one thing: thoroughly damage our government’s reputation concerning its ability to safeguard the confidentiality of high-level diplomatic communications.”

Rappler just showed how this vital and critical information be exposed to public, without thinking that it would backfire to public’s safety and the government’s reputation.

She added that now that the leak happened, it would affect the relationship of the President to other nation leaders and they will be having second thoughts on talking to the our President.

“There is nothing inappropriate, scandalous, or felonious in DFA confidential documents,” said Sasot. She further stated that there has no legal basis that could pardon them from any ‘criminal liability or that could vindicate them historically.’

Sasot cited the case of Former US President Richard Nixon and the Watergate Scandal (Nixon’s administration bugged members of administration and suspicious officials), wherein the United States forced Nixon to hand over documents and tapes that would criminally charge him.

According to Former Press Secretary Rigoberto Tiglao, the controversial leak is a crime due to unauthorized release of confidential information.

Sasot affirmed in her opinion that “We cannot let Rappler and the leaker do this to our Republic.”

Source: Manila Times