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Aray ko po! Gary Alejano had a taste on fearless lawyer’s harsh words

Alejano had a taste on a Lawyer’s spicy words!
Alejano said that PDU30’s associates in the Congress used the threat to impeach Vice President Leni Robredo as a bargaining chip to ignore the impeachment complaint against the President.

Alejano’s case was junked in the Congress in a minute or two, as Ahmedy Paglinawan, a lawyer, stated. Paglinawan said that the brief span of time the complaint was thrown out by the Congress implicates that the complaint is nothing but an ‘empty, hollow, specious and so full of crap’ complaint.

Ahmedy Paglinawan was a lawyer, a Facebook blogger and a prominent supporter of the administration.

After Alejano’s complaint was junked in the House Committee of Justice due to lack of substance, he then accommodated the media to air his disregarded arguments.

Atty. Paglinawan wondered why on earth does Alejano thought using his ‘trashed’ impeachment complaint’ be bargained to the impeachment complaint filed against Robredo. On Paglinawan’s thought that Alejano must be insulting them because he has that boisterous nerve to trade his failed impeachment complaint with the case to expel Robredo from office.

"You bargain from a position of power. You offer something to another, because you have it and he wants it. But since you have need of something else, and the other person has the means to help you get that thing you need, so you bargain," he said.

Paglinawan also expressed that they would bargain with Alejano’s expulsion in the House of Representatives because of his (Alejano) own excessive arrogance and senselessness.

"Mr. Alejano, listen man. We would bargain for your removal from congress. If for nothing else but your hubris and absolute stupidity. We will bargain our lives for balut," Paglinawan said.

Paglinawan then reiterated that they would never bargain VP’s impeachment complaint over a failed one.

Source: Atty. Ahmedy Paglinawan