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International relations expert reveals why EU hates Duterte

International relations expert reveals why EU hates Duterte
"EU hates Duterte because he to them is a reflection of a haunting past"

Social media activist Sass Sasot in her latest post, stated that the reason why the European Union despises President Rodrigo Duterte is because he is a reflection of their mistakes in the past.

Europeans have been calling to end the drug war by the Duterte, as well as to free incarcerated Senator Leila de Lima. It has threatened to withdraw trade agreements should Duterte refuse.

One of the reasons why Duterte is hated by the EU, according to Sasot is because he is akin to German leader and genocide perpetrator, Adolf Hitler.

She said the  trauma caused by Hitler's Holocaust has made Europeans wary of any leader who they may find have similarities with Hitler.

She quoted Antone Christianson-Galina mentioning in Why the War on Bashar Al-Assad Never Happened: “When any leader of the free world is faced with a ‘Hitler’, the only rational choice is to depose the “Hitler” before he destabilizes his region or commits a genocide.

Sasot said that Duterte even during his campaign has been liked with Hitler by President Noyoy Aquino. He also was taken out of context when he said he would murder 3 million addicts just like how Hitler murdered 3 million Jews.

Sasot also said that the nationalism displayed by Duterte is a problem as Europeans had trouble with nationalism and promote regionalism.

This is unlike the ASEAN, she said, as Asian countries who were once colonized dearly live up to the concept.

"Their (EU) divergent attitude towards sovereignty has been formed by their historical experience with nationalism. ASEAN’s uncompromising attitude towards sovereignty has been informed by Asian nations’ experience with colonialism," she said.

She said a culture of "non-intervention" is engraved in Asian countries, calling it an attitude of "sovereignty" or e "ASEAN way".

"Thus, while EU has been characterised by an erosion of State sovereignty, “ASEAN has played a role in reinforcing sovereignty” (Ginsburg, “The State of Sovereignty in Southeast Asia"" Sasot said.

Source: Sass Sasot