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Lacson: Duterte firing Sueno shows strong leadership

Lacson: Duterte firing Sueno shows strong leadership
Senator Panfilo Lacson on Tuesday said that President Rodrigo Duterte firing Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno instead of having him resign was a show of leadership.

Lacson said in his Twitter account that Duterte could have told him to resign yet didn't.

"While others would ‘accept with much regret the resignation of…,’ this ONE simply said, ‘You’re fired.’ That is LEADERSHIP,” said Lacson.

Sueno was fired after he accused 3 of his undersecretaries – John Castriciones, Jesus Hinlo, and Emily Padilla – of being behind a letter that reached the President containing allegations he was enriching himself in office.

Spokesperson Ernesto Abella confirmed the firing under the grounds of "loss and trust of confidence" from the President.

Abella claimed that Duterte first asked Sueno a couple of questions.

Abella did not disclose the details, yet said the summary dismissal was a warning that Duterte will not tolerate questionable or legally untenable decisions by Cabinet members.

He said that even though Sueno convinced Duterte to run for president, “this did not deter the President from pursuing his drive for a trustworthy government by addressing issues like corruption.”

SOURCE: Politiko