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'Duterte's own staff seem to be undermining him', says blogger

'Duterte's own staff seem to be undermining him', says blogger
According to an anonymous blogger from blogsite GRPundit, President Rodrigo Duterte's own staff are suspicious and could be moles.

He said that Presidential  Communications Secretary Martin Andanar seems more concerned about protecting his personal future.

"Andanar is junketing all over the world going on “trainings” and signing MOUs with foreign media companies, but he neglects the most basic and essential things, such as keeping an eye on Duterte’s Wikipedia page," the post read.

It said that the Liberal Party regularly edits Duterte's Wikpedia page making him a mass murderer and fentanyl addict.

He said Andanar should prioritize this as it gets a lot of foreign views.

"It doesn’t take a lot to monitor it. But Andanar would rather spend resources printing a stupid local tabloid that has only a few thousand copies and doesn’t make any difference. Andanar just doesn’t know how to prioritize. He’s working on a lot of long-term stuff, at the expense of the immediate, more urgent matters that he should be attending to," it read.

PTV4 was also hit by the blog, saying it only repeats news from mainstream media.

"Maybe Duterte gave instructions to Andanar not to use government resources to defend him. But Andanar needs to make Duterte understand that defending him = defending the Philippines. Duterte represents the Philippines. The more damaged his reputation gets, the harder it is to market the Philippines," it read.

The post said the DFA is the other group that seems to be intentionally letting the image of the Philippines go to the dogs.

"That place is still crawling with former DFA sec Albert del Rosario’s minions. Yellow officials like Leni Robredo and Risa Hontiveros are holding anti-Filipino and anti-Duterte events abroad in direct collaboration with embassy officials."

The post indicated that the DFA has yet to call on United Nations' Agnes Callamard for her intervention in PH affairs despite the Filipinos protesting abroad.

Callamard is no longer a UN employee, said the post.

"Duterte won’t know all of this is happening unless the people close to him who are really loyal to him let him know. Bong Go needs to make sure the President gets the true picture at all times, because there are so many people around him who can’t be trusted," the post read.

SOURCE: Grpshorts