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Sen Beda law prof: 'Dilawan is a color that will never recover'

ex-Dean of Ateneo School of Gov't: 'Dilawan is a color that will never recover'
San Beda law professor and lawyer Tony La Vina said on Thursday said that the term "dilawan" is being given a low opinion and is being disrespected because the Liberal Party supporters are seen as being self-righteous but are blind to the obvious corruption of the party.

La Vina, who also served as the Dean of Ateneo School of Government noted negative comments thrown at a photo of Presidents Gloria Arroyo, Joseph Estrada and Rpdrigo Duterte are in one table.

He said  that the LP supporters are loud about the photo, yet the people in it have more supporters than them.

"You add to them the Grace Poe supporters and you know why dilawan is such a disliked brand. It’s just insane, outright stupid, to say that all of these supporters are anti-reform and corrupt,” he said.

He said that the LP's self-righteousness is baseless as the politicians who once served Aquino "would not pass any integrity or good governance test.”

The law professor said that those who tolerated the corruption in the Aquino administration are not in a position to judge Arroyo, Estrada and Duterte for supposedly being corrupt.

La ViƱa said supporters of LP  are  “unfortunately blinded” and “will never get why dilawan is a political color that will not recover.”

SOURCE: Politiko