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Pimentel, Alvarez could replace Leni, but BBM could still be VP, says lawyer

Lawyer Bruce Rivera in his Facebook account explained that if Vice President Leni Robredo is impeached before the results of Bongbong Marcos' electoral protest is revealed, she might be replaced by Senate President Koko Pimentel or Presidential Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, but Marcos could still be VP if the results favor him.

Even if another person takes the position before the results are released, Marcos could still take the position if proven to be the real winner in the May 2016 elections.

"Let us face it, the PET will take its sweet time coming up with a verdict on whether it is BBM or Leni as the real VP. Knowing what I already know, if you force them to hurry up, it will not be taken lightly by the magistrates," Rivera said.

He added that the verdict will be stalled, and that some members of the PET wish for Robredo to stay, even for a longer time.

He said that there wouldn't be a problem if the PET comes up with a verdict in the near future. The problem would be solved if BBM becomes VP and escalated if Robredo is declared the winner.

He said if Robredo is impeached, her replacement would be chosen between Pimentel and Alvarez and not Marcos or Alan Cayetano who also ran for the position in the elections.

"Hence, it is clearly unfair for a BBM supporter to accuse DuCay bloggers of instituting the impeachment against Leni to deny BBM the right to be VP. Cayetano will not benefit from a vacant VP post. Moreover, BBM will not be prejudiced if Leni is impeached and the PET declares him as the real winner," he said.

"In short, PRRD wants to avoid making this penultimate choice," he added, also claiming that Duterte disapproved of Robredo's impeachment to avoid being embroiled in another power play.

He said Robredo's discontent with her position is the real problem.

"And this is an example of a working democracy. If PRRD is the dictator Leni paints him to be, then how come we are allowed to openly disagree with the President?," he ended.

Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera