Lawyer hits Alejano for criticizing Duterte: 'Marine ka di ba? Marunong ka kaya lumangoy?' - News Spy

Lawyer hits Alejano for criticizing Duterte: 'Marine ka di ba? Marunong ka kaya lumangoy?'

Davao lawyer Ahmedy Paglinawan hit Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano for chiding President Rodrigo Duterte for backtracking on his campaign promise to go to disputed territories in the South China Sea via jetski.
Lawyer hits Alejano for criticizing Duterte
Photo by Manila Live Wire
Duterte dared Alejano to go to the Spatrlys after the latter said that he is more than willing to fight for thr country, to which Alejandro brought up the unfulfilled promise of the president.

"Di ko akalain eh kay tapang nyo pala. Aba'y gusto mo pa palang ipadala ka sa Spratlys agad-agad," Paglinawan said, hitting Alejano

Paglinawan questioned wby Alejano was unable to beaat then President Gloria Arroyo who was "a girl", and that Alejano had to approach the "autistic" Noynoy Aquino for help.

"Bakit ka pa magpapahatid sa Spratlys? Sagwanan mo na kaya siguro nang malayo-layo marating mo?," he said.

Duterte in his campaign said that he will go to China and plant the Philippine flag in it no matter what the Chinese would do to him.

Duterte said the ‘jetski’ reference was only a hyperbole to drive home the point that he would uphold the Philippines’ claims in the South China Sea.

“You cannot expect me to ride [on a jetski], I don’t even know how to swim,” he said in an interview with Al Jazeera in October 2016. “If it overturns, you lose a president.”Along with Trillanes and other junior officers threw a failed coup of Oakwood in 2003 and in Manila Peninsula in 2007.

Alejano led the impeach bid against Duterte on March 16, after Trillanes warned Duterte oe one week earlier.

SOURCE: GMA, Rappler, Ahmedy Paglinawan