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International relations expert reveals the REAL ENEMY of mainstream media

International relations expert explains the REAL ENEMY of mainstream media
Social media activist and international relations expert Sass Sasot in her Facebook page said that the enemy of the new media is democratisation, not President Duterte.

Democratisation is the process of opening up, of breaking the walls that separates those who previously have access to information and those who don’t.

Sasot explained that it's a never-ending series of unfolding from exclusion to inclusion, stating as examples how women after they were allowed to vote, politics underwent democratisation, the printing press led to democratization of knowledge in Europe, leading to the Industrial Revolution.

This revolution would not have been possible without the Scientific Revolution either, which was caused by the emergence of scientists who exchanged ideas to a larger audience, thus letting scientific communities flourish.

Sasot said that democratisation of technology is interrupting the monopoly of traditional media.

“In the Philippines, technology-facilitated democratisation is interrupting traditional media's monopoly on producing narratives about current events. However, it's not the preponderance of authors writing about them that is most disruptive to these folks. With the advent of live streaming, access to the SOURCE itself is undergoing democratisation. Before, we all rely on Big Media to tell us what happened. They were the only ones that have the resources to be at the event when it happened,” she said.

She explained that this no longer true as any event can be viewed anywhere in reel time.

Almost any activity could be watched as it happens. Even before anyone wrote about them, a lot of people have heard and seen already what transpired in those events.

She said that with the end of monopoly, comes the erosion of the “BIG” media’s monopoly on news interpretation.

“Anyone who has watched the speech of the President, for example, no longer needs to rely on Big Media's narrative of that speech,” she said.

“The Oligarchs of Information are now being bitten in the ass by the very thing that made them possible: democratisation. A new world is coming - adapt or perish,” she added.

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot