Former UN delegate calls Leni 'boba' for using 'Marcos card' - News Spy

Former UN delegate calls Leni 'boba' for using 'Marcos card'

Former UN delegate calls Leni 'boba' for using 'Marcos card'
Under the Constitution, an impeached Vice President will be replaced by a member of the Congress, thus former United Nations delegate Michael Acebedo Lopez lambasted Vice President Leni Robredo for saying her opponent Bongbong Marcos is behind moves for her ouster.

Several attacks from netizens and government officials have been thrown at Robredo for her blatant opposition to the present Rodrigo Duterte administration. The most recent was an impeachment case filed against her.

To this Robredo pointed at her opponent in the May elections Bongbong Marcos, who also happens to be filing an electoral protest against Robredo for alleged cheating.

Lopez reacted to this by calling Robredo "stupid" since there is no possibility that Duterte could appoint Marcos as her replacement, should she be removed from office.

"Hoy, Boba! Haven't you learned yet that the Marcos card doesn't work on the Filipino people anymore? Besides, Bongbong's case against you in the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) is advancing as it should and he doesn't need you to be impeached. You being impeached is immaterial to his case, it has no bearing whatsoever to PET.," he said.

Lopez cited Article 7 Section 9 of the Constitution stating "Whenever there is a vacancy in the Office of the Vice-President during the term for which he was elected, the President shall nominate a Vice-President from among the Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives who shall assume office upon confirmation by a majority vote of all the Members of both Houses of the Congress, voting separately."

"Is Bongbong a current member of the Senate or Congress? NO. Again, he doesn't stand to benefit, so please, stop spreading false information just to convince people to rally behind your sad and pathetic cause," he said.

Lopez accused Robredo of using the Marcos name to deflect the fact that she betrayed public trust.

He said Robredo should proceed to the next item in the Aquino Playbook.

"And you know who wants you out? It's the Filipino people! Just stop, look (with those ginormous eyes), and listen--all around you, everywhere! No one wants you there! So no, not Marcos!," he said.

"Utang na loob, Leni, please lang, pwedeng tigilan mo na ang ka-bobohan mo? Kung gusto mo, can you be quietly stupid nalang, 'di yung ganyan, pinapahiya mo sarili mo at ang bansa sa bawat buka ng bunganga mo. Gaga ka," he added.

SOURCE: Michael Acebedo Lopez