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Former campaign donor of Robredo: 'You wasted my hard earned money'

A former supporter and campaign donor of Leni Robredo was disappointed after the latter sent a recorded video to UN about the EJK and drug war situation of our country.

The letter sender called Robredo as “irresponsible,” “unpatriotic”.

Read full open letter below:

Dear VP Leni,

I guess you don’t read your private messages. I can’t blame you since you probably get hundreds a day, and nowadays a lot of hate messages I presume. But I feel I must speak up, being one of your campaign donors and I used to be one of your avid supporters. Underline USED TO BE.

You are not the person I thought you could be. You have shown so much promise before – down to earth and smart and uses her common sense. You shone during the campaign with your wit and sensible solutions. Unfortunately, I don’t see them now Mam. I just see a person who is so misguided and so short sighted; that every time you make a statement I find myself making excuses for you, blaming it on the people that you surround yourself with. But the more you talk, the more I think that you may not be ready for such a big role after all. I could have been wrong telling doubters you will be great. Because you just keep on disappointing. I don’t know who eggs you on – clearly he or she doesn’t have your best interests at heart because you just keep on doing things that just makes no sense at all.

What darkness are we in may I ask? I don’t feel it. I honestly feel for the first time the wrong things are being right (verb) by this government. At least I feel there is a huge effort of doing things right. In fact, the democracy you claim to be in danger, is much more alive ever than before, that it’s being abused by people by using it to spread more hate and lies. And you of all people is on top of the list of spreading hate. Your statements ignite hate. Not one moment did you even attempt to be rational nor try to unite the country. 

You defend a tainted senator who obviously broke so many laws by her own admission, and yet your defense for her is that there was not even 1 gram of shabu that was found on her? I hope you realize how stupid that sounded. You deny leading any destabilization. Mam, every time you open your mouth that’s what you do. You destabilize. Instead of calling out to calm people, you incite uproar. Your statement to the UN is irresponsible. It may sound cliche now, but you are god damn irresponsible and unpatriotic. You should be ashamed of what you did because you exposed to the world how little you know of being Filipino. What your real agenda is nothing more than to put down a country trying uplift itself because status quo is unacceptable.

You should not air gossip. You do not argue on hearsay. You have facts? File a case! You have evidence? File a case! What did Duterte ever do to you except say he prefers BBM as VP? He hurt your ego and you retaliate like a scorned GF! Where are we in being a bigger person? To give him credit he gave you opportunities to unite the country with him. And yet your response? “I will continue to dissent”. He invited you to the LeDAC , and post that, you had to say “I was expecting to be disinvited”. Really? Isn’t being gracious part of your person anymore?

Everyday you disappoint me. I feel so cheated by you because I defended you to a lot of people and even turned votes in your favor. But you just wasted them. You wasted my hard earned money.

Stop spreading hate. Stop inciting dissent. The only way for you to survive this is to keep quiet. You killed your chances of further serving your country because you just couldn’t wing it. If you truly believe the president is criminal then file a case and stop hiding behind “just being a dissenting voice”. You are not just a voice. You are the duly elected Vice President of the Philippines. Stop acting as if you just got it by sheer luck. Act like a leader YOU PROMISED TO BE. Help unite the country or else get out. We’re tired of your unprofessional politicking. And get rid of your obviously inexperienced staff. They are just putting you down more.

Jeez at this rate, you are making BBM look good. God help us all with that.

Source: MindaNation