Fearless netizen blasts NUJP: 'Ano ang naimbag niyo sa bayan?' - News Spy

Fearless netizen blasts NUJP: 'Ano ang naimbag niyo sa bayan?'

Fearless netizen blasts NUJP: 'Ano ang naimbag niyo sa bayan?'
A netizen criticized the National Union of Journalists in the Philippines  after the latter released a statement saying that President Rodrigo Duterte was abusing his immense power, after he called the Philippine Daily Inquirer and ABS-CBN “garbage”.

Ram Labra in his Facebook page asked the NUJP if they have ever contributed anything to the country.

“Bago kayo naging journalists, you are first Filipinos. Right? Kahit mamatay kayo sa pagiging journalist, Filipino pa rin kayo, tama? Bago natin pag-usapan ang pagiging journalist ninyo, ANU NAGAWA NINYO SA BAYAN BILANG MAMAMAYAN? Now, ikonek natin sa propesyon ninyo, BILANG JOURNALISTS, anu ang naiambag ninyo sa bayan ninyo?” he said.

Labra said that if the NUJP was in fact doing its duty, why was there no help from their part in Duterte’s drug war?

He said that the NUJP claimed to have conducted researches about the problem during the past administration and even threw hits at then President Benigno Aquino III, yet chose to stay silent at the present when Duterte is fighting the illegal drug traded.

Labra reminded the NUJP that their duty is to side with the common good and rid the news of biases.

He said even non-journalists could tell that there is bias in the news articles of ABS-CBN and Inquirer, in which both focus on their own interpretations of President’s statements instead ofgetting into the truths he is saying.

He said the nation is now going against the mainstream media, which is why there is less credibility for both agencies for the public now.

“Kung nasaktan kayo sa pagmumura ng Pangulo sa ABS-CBN at Philippine Daily Inquirer, for certain the best and proper reaction of the an intelligent journalist is to first question why and then find out why, then give the balance and neutral conclusion,” he said.

“But for the intrinsically bias journalist, they stick to the cursing and being foulmouthed of the President, made these as the focal point of their reaction and eventually avoid to dig the bottom line, avoid to dissect the cause and root cause of the issue,” he added.

He said the people accept the President as he is, yet refuse to accept the biases of the print industry.

“Because it is easier to accept foulmouthed person standing in truth, and for the truth THAN TO ACCEPT people pretending in Truth but servants of lies and deceit,”

The NUJP in their statement said that Duterte’s mouth is getting the best of him And that his rants against ABS-CBN and Inquirer were “absolutely twisted”.

There has yet to be a reply from the administration regarding the statement.

Source/s: Ram Labra, CNN Philippines, Inquirer