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Brilliant strategy! Here's why Duterte unsupportive to Leni's impeachment

The disapproval of President Rodrigo Dutterte to the impeachment case filed against Vice President Leni Robredo was a tactic to prevent the "ascendance" of the VP.

Social change advocate  Sass Rogando Sasot  in her Facebook page explained this, saying it would have been beneficial for Robredo and the Liberal Party if Duterte approved her impeachment as it would brand him as a man who got rid of all who criticized him, and Robredo would be the inexperienced victim.
Brilliant strategy! Here's why Duterte unsupportive to Leni's impeachment
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Duterte supporting the impeachment she said, would have been used by the LP as fuel  for the fire of their international narrative.

Robredo has been turning to the aid of international bodies such as the United States of America and the European Union. asking for intervention on Duterte's war against drugs which she claimed to be inhumane.

"The VP being taken down by Duterte would be the wet dreams of Liberal Party; it's what they are waiting for in order to give their international campaign against Duterte more and better momentum. After all, Leni is a better sell than Leila. After the international frenzy about Leila's arrest dies down, the world would be forced to confront what really led to Leila's imprisonment," Sasot said.

Sasot claimed that soon the world will see De Lima as the politician who benefitted from crystal meth sales inside a national prison, had relations with her subordinate and bagman and the world would notice the silence towards Ronnie Dayan, the said subordinate.

As De Lima is a harder sell than Robredo, Sasot said the LP  chose Robredo to fight for them instead as she is a virgin sacrifice with a more pleasing aroma, having no cases against her.

"Now, everyone got shocked when Duterte expressed no support against Leni's impeachment; he even discouraged those who would like to do it. Prior to that, we were all fired up when Duterte said that Leni couldn't wait to be president. No one anticipated that Duterte would follow it up with a statement that could be used by the opposition to douse any move to remove their Queen from the chess board," Sasot said.

She said Duterte preempted the momentum of Robredo's ascendance as a politically persecuted virgin in the eyes of the international community.

She said Dutete has been playing King's gambit and welcomed impeachment case against him while opposing that of Robredo. She said this would leave Robredo with no choice but to go against Duterte's impeachment as well.

However, Robredo is too late to do that, said Sasot.

SOURCE: For the Motherland by Sass Sasot